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Bible Discovery Guides

*Bible Discovery Guides are the copyrighted work of Sarah Overstreet Midyett and used with permission.

Detailed Old Testament History in 10 volumes individual lessons.
Click on the picture to download the complete volume.
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Book 1: Before Israel Began and Early Patriarchs

  1. God, Creator of the world

  2. Creation of the World

  3. Creation of Mankind

  4. Man’s Reaction to God’s Command

  5. The Result of Man’s Choice

  6. First Children of Mankind

  7. Early History of Mankind

  8. God’s Great Decision Regarding Mankind

  9. God’s Great Judgment on Mankind

  10. New Beginning for Mankind

  11. New Trials for Mankind

  12. Great Division of Mankind

  13. The Early Life of Abram

  14. Abram and Lot

  15. Lot's Early Life in Sodom

  16. God's Promise to Abram

  17. God's Further Promise to Abram

  18. God's Plan Concerning Sodom

  19. Lot's Later Life in Sodom

  20. Abraham's Sojourn in Land of Philistines

  21. Abraham's Test Concerning Isaac

  22. Abraham's Provision for Isaac

  23. Isaac's Early Married Life

  24. Isaac's Later Married Life

  25. Review of Genesis 11-27

Book 2: Later Patriarchs and Birth of a Nation

  1. Jacob’s Departure from Canaan

  2. Jacob’s Life in Haran

  3. Jacob’s Later Life in Haran

  4. Jacob’s Return to Canaan

  5. Jacob’s Journey Through Canaan

  6. Relationships Among Jacob’s Children

  7. Temptations of Jacob’s Children

  8. Joseph in Prison

  9. Joseph’s Brothers’ Trip to Egypt

  10. Josephs Brothers’ Second Trip to Egypt

  11. Jacob’s Move to Egypt

  12. Review of Genesis 12-50

  13. Israel’s Early Years in Egypt

  14. Israel’s Later Years in Egypt

  15. Events of One Family in Egypt

  16. AgeEvents of Moses’ Early Life and Middle

  17. Events of Moses’ Old Age

  18. Moses’ Early Appearance Before Pharaoh

  19. Moses’ Continued Appearances Before Pharaoh

  20. PharaohMoses’ Later Appearances Before

  21. PharaohMoses’ Final Appearances Before

  22. God’s Final Judgment on Egypt

  23. The Journey Out of Egypt

  24. The Journey Into the Wilderness

  25. The Journey to Rephidim

Book 3: Israel's Days at Mt. Sinai

  1. The Journey to Mt. Sinai

  2. Early Events at Mt. Sinai

  3. More Laws for Israel

  4. Laws Concerning Treatment of Servants

  5. Laws Concerning Man-Killers

  6. Laws Concerning Other Acts of Violence

  7. Laws Concerning Restitution

  8. Laws Concerning Marriage, Divorce and              Inheritance

  9. Laws Concerning Immorality

  10. Laws Concerning War

  11. Miscellaneous Laws Concerning Justice

  12. PeopleLaws Concerning Special Groups of

  13. Review of the Laws of Israel

  14. Instructions Concerning Israel’s Worship

  15. The Construction of the  Sanctuary

  16. Furnishings for the Tabernacle

  17. The Tabernacle Completed

  18. The Consecration of the Priests

  19. Public Worship Begun in the Tabernacle

  20. Offerings Made in the Tabernacle

  21. More Offerings Made in the Tabernacle

  22. Ceremonial Cleanness and Uncleanness

  23. A Special Day of Worship

  24. Other Special Days of Worship

  25. Special Times of Rest for Israel

  26. Review of the Worship of Israel


Book 4: Journey to Canaan and Plains of Moab

  1. Israel’s Behavior at Mt. Sinai

  2. God’s Response to Israel’s Behavior

  3. The Results of Obedience and Disobedience

  4. Camp and Travel Arrangements for Israel

  5. The Journey from Sinai Begun

  6. Incidents During the Journey

  7. Events at Kadesh in Paran

  8. In the Wilderness of Paran

  9. Problems During the Journey

  10. Incidents Near the Border of Canaan

  11. Israel’s Contacts with Moab and the Amorites

  12. In the Plains of Moab

  13. Review of Israel’s Journey Toward Canaan

  14. God’s Announcements to Moses

  15. The Request of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh

  16. Moses’ Review of Israel’s History

  17. Moses’ Exhortation in Light of Israel’s History

  18. Moses’ Review of the Law

  19. Moses’ Warnings in View of the Law

  20. Moses’ Survey of Israel’s Future

  21. Moses’ Instructions Concerning Worship

  22. Moses’ Great Prophecy

  23. Moses’ Continued Instructions to Israel

  24. God’s Covenant With Israel in Moab

  25. The Last Days of Moses

  26. Review of Numbers 27-Deuteronomy

Book 5: The Conquest of Canaan and Era of the Judges

  1. God’s Command Concerning Canaan

  2. Spying Out Canaan

  3. Entering Canaan

  4. The Battle for Jericho

  5. The First Battle for Ai

  6. The Second Battle for Ai

  7. The Conference with the Gibeonites

  8. The Battle for Southern Canaan

  9. The Battle for Northern Canaan

  10. The Division of the Land Among the Tribes Begins

  11. The Divisions of the Land Among the Tribes Completed

  12. The Last Days of Joshua

  13. The Beginning Era of the Judges

  14. The First Three Judges

  15. Deborah and Barak

  16. Gideon

  17. Abimelech

  18. The Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Judges

  19. The Eleventh through Fourteenth Judges

  20. The Later Life of Samson

  21. Events During the Time of the Judges

  22. Events in One Family During the Time of the Judges

  23. Eli

  24. Samuel

Book 6: The United Kingdom Pt 1-2

  1. The Request Concerning a Kingdom

  2. The Choice of a King

  3. Saul’s Reign Begins

  4. Saul’s Early Wars

  5. Saul’s Successor Chosen

  6. Saul’s Successor Introduced to Israel

  7. Saul’s Attitude Toward David

  8. David’s Reaction to Saul’s Treatment

  9. David’s Early Life in the Wilderness

  10. David’s Later Life in the Wilderness

  11. David Among the Enemies of Israel

  12. Saul’s Battle Against the Philistines

  13. Review of Saul’s Reign and I Samuel

  14. David’s Reaction to Saul’s Death

  15. Events Following Saul’s Death

  16. Events Following Abner’s Death

  17. David’s Actions Concerning the Ark of the Covenant

  18. David’s Desire Concerning a House for God

  19. David’s Early Conquests

  20. David’s Great Sin

  21. God’s Message Concerning David’s Sin

  22. Trouble Concerning Amnon

  23. Trouble Concerning Absalom

  24. The Battle Against Absalom’s Forces

  25. Events Following Absalom’s Revolt

  26. Review of David’s Early Reign and 2 Sam.


Book 7: The United Kingdom Pt 3-4

  1. More Trouble During David’s Reign

  2. Israel’s Further Conquests

  3. David’s Mighty Men

  4. More Trouble for Israel

  5. David’s Preparation for the Temple

  6. The Divisions and Duties of the Levites

  7. The Divisions of the Priests and Musicians

  8. Other Officers of the Levites

  9. Officers of David’s Kingdom

  10. David Appoints His Successor

  11. Solomon’s Public Coronation Begun

  12. Solomon’s Public Coronation Concluded

  13. Review of David’s Later Reign

  14. David’s Last Charge and Solomon’s Response

  15. Early Events During Solomon’s Reign

  16. Solomon’s Preparations for Building the Temple

  17. The Building of the Temple

  18. The Furnishings for the Temple

  19. The Dedication of the Temple Begun

  20. The Dedication of the Temple Concluded

  21. The Dedication of the Temple Concluded pt. 2

  22. Solomon’s Other Buildings and Activities

  23. The Splendor of Solomon’s Reign

  24. Summary of Solomon’s Reign

  25. The End of Solomon’s Reign

  26. Review of Solomon’s Reign and the United Kingdom

Book 8: The Divided Kingdom Pt 1-2

  1. Events After the Death of Solomon

  2. Jeroboam, First King of Israel

  3. The Man of God and the Old Prophet

  4. Later Events in the Reign of Jeroboam

  5. The Early Kings of Israel

  6. God’s Messenger to King Ahab

  7. God’s Messenger to All Israel

  8. God’s Message to His Messenger

  9. A Great Crisis In Israel

  10. Ahab and Naboth

  11. Ahab’s Later Reign

  12. Ahaziah, Eighth King of Israel

  13. Review of the Early Years of Northern Israel

  14. The End of Elijah’s Ministry

  15. Elisha and Jehoram, Ninth King of Israel

  16. Elisha’s Ministry to the Sons of the Prophets

  17. Elisha and the Shunnamite Woman

  18. Elisha and Namaan the Syrian

  19. Elisha and Gehazi

  20. Elisha and the Armies of Syria

  21. Elisha and the People of Samaria

  22. Elisha’s Further Ministry

  23. Elisha and Jehu, Tenth King of Israel

  24. Elisha and the Descendants of Jehu

  25. The Last Kings of Israel

  26. Review of the Later Years of Northern Israel

Book 9: The Divided Kingdom Part 3 and Last Days

  1. Rehoboam, First King of Judah

  2. Abijah, Second King of Judah

  3. Asa, Third King of Judah

  4. Asa’s Reign Continued

  5. Jehoshaphat, Fourth King of Judah

  6. Jehoshaphat’s Relationship with the   Kings of Israel

  7. Jehoshaphat’s Later Reign

  8. Jehoram, Fifth King of Judah

  9. Ahaziah, Sixth King of Judah

  10. Joash, Seventh King of Judah

  11. Amaziah, Eighth King of Judah

  12. Uzziah or Azariah, Ninth King of Judah

  13. Review of the Early Years of Southern Judah

  14. Jotham and Ahaz, Kings of Judah

  15. Hezekiah, Twelfth King of Judah

  16. Hezekiah’s First Six Years

  17. Hezekiah’s Next Eight Years

  18. Hezekiah’s Last Fifteen Years

  19. Manasseh and Amon, Kings of Judah

  20. Josiah, Fifteenth King of Judah

  21. The Later Reign of Josiah

  22. Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, and Jehoiachin

  23. Zedekiah, Ninteenth King of Judah

  24. Events Among the Remnant of Judah

  25. Events Among the Remnant of Babylon


Book 10: The Restoration and Remnant of Judah

  1. Events After Seventy Years of Captivity

  2. Early Activities in Judah

  3. Activities in Judah Continued

  4. New Arrivals in Judah

  5. Problems in Judah

  6. New Concern for Judah

  7. New Activities in Judah

  8. Opposition to the Work

  9. Joyful Times in Judah

  10. A Day of Changes in Judah

  11. A Celebration in Jerusalem

  12. More Changes in Judah

  13. Review of the Restoration and Ezra and Nehemiah

  14. The Conclusion of the Old Testament History

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