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Get Your Mind Set

Where do you start?
What is the Best Bible Curriculum?

Find Your Objectives

What are the Objectives of a passage?
Troubleshooting Problems in Objectives
Five steps to find the Objectives:
Zacchaeus Example
Q & A Session about Finding Objectives

Develop Your Method

Questioning Skills

Gather Your Supplies

Boardwork and Handouts

BONUS Materials:

Why Do You Ask?

“In order to have fine-tuned questioning skills, you need to understand the different types of questions, know how and when to use them, and then be able to avoid the traps that can cause the questioning process to misfire, causing an uninteresting lesson...”


Make the Most of Answers 

“You’ve asked a good question. An eager, waving hand shoots into the air.  Pleased, you call for the timely response. But instead, you get an answer that seems totally irrelevant to the point you are making...”

Set Up the Lesson Creatively 

“The approach, known also as the introduction or attention-getter, is what the teacher says and does just before delving into the actual Bible passage.  It focuses the students’ attention on something of interest and relevance to them...”

Make the Transition  

“After developing a creative approach, the last thing a teacher wants to do is kill its effectiveness by failing to smoothly connect it to the lesson...”

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