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About Us

Hi there! My name is Leiann Walther, and I started Strong Hands Enterprises in 2012 to help people know God's Word better. Over my forty years as a Bible teacher, I've talked with many Bible study leaders, Sunday School teachers, youth workers, and Bible classroom teachers who have expressed the same desire:

"How can I take Bible content I've studied and teach it in an engaging way so my students can understand and act on it?"

Some teachers need lesson plans they can follow. Others have been asked to develop a whole program or curriculum, but don't know where to start.  Some are seasoned teachers who need a fresh idea.


This website compiles the tools I've received and developed over the years to help other Bible teachers be better equipped to teach God's Word.  My greatest desire is that as you learn and teach God's Word, you would come into a loving and obedient relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ and teach others to do the same.



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