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Bible Discovery Guides

*Bible Discovery Guides are the copyrighted work of Sarah Overstreet Midyett and used with permission.

LIfe's Great Decisions in 2 volumes Individual Lessons.
Click on the picture to download the complete volume.
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Leaving Egypt Through Conquest of Canaan
1.       God’s People in Bondage
2.       God’s Way of Deliverance
3.       Deliverance through the Plagues
4.       Deliverance through the Passover
5.       Deliverance at the Red Sea
6.       The Journey to Mt. Sinai
7.       The Ten Commandments Given 
8.       Intro to the Ten Commandments
9.       The First Commandment
10.   The Second Commandment
11.   The Third Commandment
12.   The Fourth Commandment
13.   The Fifth Commandment
14.   The Sixth Commandment
15.   The Seventh Commandment
16.   The Eighth Commandment
17.   The Ninth Commandment
18.   The Tenth Commandment
19.   The Ten Commandments Broken
20.   The Building of the Tabernacle
21.   The Worship of Israel
22.   The Special Days of Worship for Israel
23.   The Journey toward Canaan
24.   The Wilderness Wanderings
25.   The Approach to Canaan
26.   The Entrance into Canaan
27.   Conquering the Promised Land
28.   The Conquest of Southern and Northern          Canaan
29.   The Division of the Land Among the                    Tribes

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